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Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery

You will be given specific instructions about preparing for surgery, including guidelines for eating, drinking, smoking, and taking or avoiding certain vitamins and medications, depending upon the specific procedure you have chosen. We will send this information to you with a surgery date schedule. By your careful attention to these instructions, you will help your surgery go more smoothly.

Exercise is an important way to prepare yourself for surgery. If you don't get regular exercise, start now gently. Don't exercise to soreness, especially if surgery is near. Your fitness goals are: Increased lung power, skin blood flow, and increased joint looseness for your comfort.

Put aside your diet during the two weeks before your cosmetic surgery. With modern surgical techniques, even if you are overweight, you can expect good cosmetic results from surgery. You do, however, need all the nutritional help you can get during surgery. Your body will burn up extra protein during and after surgery, so stock up on protein for two weeks beforehand. If you take vitamins, stop three weeks before surgery. Excess vitamins will make you bleed more easily.

In particular, for three weeks before surgery, take no over-the counter drug except acetaminophen (Tylenol, Datril). All of over-the counter drugs interfere with the blood's clotting ability and can make you bleed excessively. Your cosmetic surgeon should approve any other medicine.

If you smoke, plan to quit at least one to two weeks before your surgery and do not resume for at least four weeks after surgery. Tobacco use is bad for your whole body, and it has a very negative effect on healing. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, reducing blood flow to many areas, the most significant of which is your skin. Avoid overexposure to the sun before surgery, and do not go on a stringent diet, as both can inhibit your ability to heal. If you develop a cold or an infection of any kind, your surgery will probably be postponed.

All surgery procedures are performed in a private hospital in San José, with the most advanced technology for your well being. Patients are required to check into the hospital on the morning of the surgery and normally remain in the hospital for one night following major surgery. Our hospital is equipped with the most modern medical equipment operated by qualified personnel, so that you may be assured of the finest service available. Our affiliation with the Ochsner Medical Institute, located in New Orleans, USA provides for the latest technical and diagnostic services.

Whether your surgery is done on an outpatient or an inpatient basis, our staff will pick you up at the hospital and will drive you to one of our recovery retreats just outside the city of San José. You will be monitored carefully during your recovery period by nurses specially trained in post-cosmetic surgery care. While you may make your own arrangements for accomodation during your recovery period, it is recommended that you stay at one of our private recovery retreats where you will receive the best of care.

Each patient assumes a different degree of risk with every surgical procedure and these risks will be explained by your surgeon who will make certain that you understand completely before you begin any procedure. No surgeon can guarantee a complication-free outcome for any procedure.

Each of our patients is required to have appropriate medical tests completed before surgery is approved.

Patients under 45 years of age require a complete medical checkup by their own physician.
In addition they require the following laboratory tests.

Plateles, Prothrombin time, Partial Thromboplastin time
Complete urine test

Patients over 45 years of age require a complete medical checkup by their own physician. In addition they require the following laboratory tests.

Plateles, Prothrombin time, Partial Thromboplastin time
Complete urine test
BUN, Creatinine
Cholesterol, Triglycerides

We do not recommend any surgery procedures in the following situations.

When your life is changing for better or worse. At times of marriage, divorce, birth or death or shortly after a child is grown and gone. Change of or loss of a job, graduate from high school or college.
If you have HIV.
History of Hepatitis B or C.
Patients with Cardiac Diseases (Cardiac arrhythmia, patients with a pacemaker, heart attack).
Diabetic patients.
Psychiatric patients.
Patients with any blood disease such as anemia or haemophilia.
Morbid obesity or patients with: asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, thyroid disease or high blood pressure, will need a complete medical checkup by your physician.