Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica
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Dr. Araya is know as one of the best plastic surgeons in Costa Rica, offering an array of cosmetic procedures.
Liposuction in Costa Rica
Improve your body contours by using a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from your body.
Plastic Surgery Packages
Dr. Araya Offers Many Services Including Face lifts, Liposuction, and Breast Reductions.

Longing for a Younger Face?

Learn More About Face Lifts and Other Facial Procedures by Dr. Araya in Costa Rica

Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

Middle age women and men with face and neck wrinkling and deep lines, which causes the overlying skin to sag.

Facelift (without forehead and eyelids surgery)
Facelift (with eyelids surgery)
Facelift (with forehead lift but without eyelids surgery)
Full Facelift (forehead lift, cheeks, neck and eyelids surgery)

Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

A brow lift aims to smooth out forehead lines and furrows and to prevent their return, to raise the eyebrows and upper lids, and to soften or flatten deep frown lines between eyes.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

This surgery corrects the excessive wrinkling and bagginess of the eyelids. Depending on each patient's case, it could be lower, upper or both eyelids.

Nose Surgery (Rhynoplasty)

Enhances facial harmony and the proportions of your nose. It can also correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects in the nose.

Facial Implants

We use facial implants to improve and enhance facial contours. Frequently, these implants will help provide a more harmonious balance to your face and features so that you may feel better about the way you look.

Chin Augmentation
Cheeks Augmentation