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Airlines Flying to Costa Rica from U.S. and Canada

American Airlines

This airline carries 70% of visitors to Costa Rica. Main gateways are through Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Canadians board Canadian Airlines in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. They change to American Airlines in Dallas.

United Airlines

This airline has several direct flights each day from Miami, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Franciso. They have a convenient overnighters from Los Angeles and San Francisco which arrive in Costa Rica in the early morning. This is beneficial for working people who want to arrive in Costa Rica on Saturday morning for an early surgical consultation.

LACSA Airlines

This excellent airline is the airline of Costa Rica with daily departures from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Miami. There are currently three flights per week from Toronto, Canada.

Continental Airlines

This airline has one flight each day through the Houston gateway with connecting services from Vancouver and Toronto, Canada via Air Canada.

Delta Airlines

This airline has non-stop daily Boeing 757 aircraft service into San José, Costa Rica from Atlanta, Georgia.

There are other airlines which have minor service out of Canada and the U.S.

There are two international airports in Costa Rica. One is located at Liberia which services most of the charter flights to the Pacific beach resorts. It becomes a more important and busy destination each year. In 1997, Continental Airlines and LACSA started scheduled international services from that airport to the U.S.

The airport you will be using is at Juan Santamaria, 15 minutes drive to the capital city of San José.