Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica
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Dr. Araya is know as one of the best plastic surgeons in Costa Rica, offering an array of cosmetic procedures.
Liposuction in Costa Rica
Improve your body contours by using a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from your body.
Plastic Surgery Packages
Dr. Araya Offers Many Services Including Face lifts, Liposuction, and Breast Reductions.
Improve Your Body with plastic surgery in Costa Rica
Don't Hesitate Improve Your Body

Offering Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Thigh Lifts, Mommy Makeovers and Much More. Transform your body with new procedures offered by Dr. Araya in Costa Rica.

Improve Your Body with plastic surgery in Costa Rica
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Discover many of our non-surgical procedures to give you a more youthful appearance. Try Dermabrasion, Facial Peeling, Botox, and Dermal Fillers.

You Can Have It Longing for a Younger Face?

Dr. Araya Offers Many Services Including Face lifts, Brow Lifts, Facial Implants, or Nose Surgery Check out the options you have for a more youthful looking face.

Target your Goal Wishing for Better Breasts?

Whether its a Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation or a Breast Lift. Learn how you can change the appearance of your breasts for the better with cosmetic surgery.

 Costa Rica Plastic Surgery Packages

Tummy-Tuck Surgery
All Inclusive Price

Face Neck Lift
Surgery All Inclusive
$3150 USD

Breast Augmentation Surgery (Breast Implants)
All Inclusive Price

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Are you interested in having affordable, plastic surgery in a safe and comfortable environment in beautiful Costa Rica? Please take a few minutes and read more about all the services that Dr. Araya offers his clients.

The term plastic surgery comes from the Greek word "plastikos", which means to mold or to give form. Plastic surgical procedures fall into two major subdivisions: Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive surgery might be defined as a surgical procedure performed on abnormal parts in an attempt to restore a more normal appearance and to improve function. The primary consideration here is the fact that the procedure is carried out on abnormal parts or tissues.

Aesthetic surgery, popularly known as cosmetic surgery, seeks to improve an individual's appearance. While the operations may not be necessary for physical health or safety, they may benefit the patient emotionally and psychologically as well as aesthetically.

Plastic surgery can stimulate changes in people's lives. Your looks are very important because they affect how you feel about yourself and how others feel about you.

Cosmetic surgery is a powerful psychological aid to being that "New You", to start fresh. It's never too late.

Why do you want cosmetic surgery?

There is a difference between using cosmetic surgery as a crutch, having unreasonable expectations, and using it to help you through a transition in your life. Most people have cosmetic surgery when their lives are changing for better or worse: at times of marriage, divorce, birth, etc.. Such changes shake your confidence because they force you to see yourself in a new way.